«your food — your reflection»

Delivery of healthy meal plans for every day!

Weekly Meal Plans


3 types of menu for any taste



Choose a meal plan for your goal or pick your favorite dishes from the menu

Wait for the dishes to be ready

Our chefs will happily prepare your food on delivery day using fresh ingredients, never frozen.

Meet the courier

We deliver orders in Miami every 2 days to keep your food fresh! From 6pm-11pm.

Enjoy delicious food

Enjoy healthy and tasty food at home or at work.


Why Olepa Foods?

Diverse food

Our menu includes a variety of dishes and we accurately calculate the nutritional value for all of them. You don’t need to worry about the diversity of your diet

A diet that suits your goals

Do you want to lose weight, keep your form or gain mass? We’ve already put together the perfect diet to help you achieve your goal.

Save time

Stop wasting time on grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes! Save 14 hours a week and spend them on something you enjoy.

Quality guarantee

We use only fresh ingredients and prepare all dishes on the day the order is placed. The food will be delicious - guaranteed!

Clean kitchen

We comply with all sanitation standards! All of our employees regularly take their temperatures, wear gloves and keep the kitchen spotlessly clean every day.

US shipping

We deliver healthy food not only in Miami, but throughout all the states! We will ship it to another state to you in a box of 12 to 32 frozen servings.


In Miami, we deliver your orders every 2 days. So your food will always be fresh! In other states, we deliver frozen food in boxes containing 12 to 32 servings.

Yes, the program always starts on Monday. The deadline for booking it is at midnight on Friday. All orders must be placed two days before the next delivery. Ex: To receive food on Tuesday, you much place the order by midnight on Sunday.

To achieve results, you must maintain a deficit or surplus of calories, depending on your goal. If you follow this diet regimen and add physical activity, it won’t take long to see results.

We prioritize using healthy meats. This includes turkey, chicken filets, and lean beef. We also use fish, dairy products with optimal fat content (up to 5%), farm vegetables and fruits from trusted manufacturers

You can contact our manager in advance to replace unwanted ingredients in your meals.

Our meals are freshly prepared on the day of delivery and shipped to you with insulated bags and packs of ice. We recommend transferring your meals to the fridge upon receiving them. They will stay fresh for three days. To keep our meals longer, put them in the freezer, where they can stay fresh for two weeks.

We have tried to diversify our menus as much as possible to delight you with delicious and healthy food every day. We add fruits, interesting desserts and even sweets to meat, vegetables and cereals.

Each dish contains the necessary amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Moreover, there are more carbohydrates in morning meals than in daytime or evening meals. Therefore, it is better not to change the order.

On average, a person spends up to 14 hours a week grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes. Ordering our diet plans will allow you to reduce this time to 10-15 minutes.

Yes, you can heat containers with food in the microwave. Some dishes, such as salads and desserts, do not require reheating. But main dishes will be much tastier when warm. Before reheating, be sure to remove all inedible items from the container, including sauce containers, vacuum bags, etc.